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    Advertising design of shops

    The knowledge of a professional team with a wealth of information, no matter how much it is possible to use a wide range of technologies for advertising, the installation team in any place, allow us to take advantage of the great deal of advertising.

    «FOCUSWALL» textile systems 🔗

    «FOCUSWALL» is a profile aluminum systems for stretching textile images, with which you can qualitatively and brightly decorate any retail space, and the ease and speed of image change make it possible to replace images in minutes and without the involvement of contractors.

    Production of POS materials

    A full range of services: from the original concept to the implementation and installation of POS material at any trade and exhibition points. We take on any, even the most complex projects.

    Printing on textiles

    The use of water-based sublimation inks makes this type of printing not only bright but also environmentally friendly. Printed images can be folded on delivery, ironed or steamed, and easily washed. The use of textile images on «FOCUSWALL» systems makes this type of printing the most efficient.

    Large format printing

    Our technological park is equipped with all the necessary modern equipment. This gives us the opportunity to apply drawings and photos to any surface: from banner fabrics to composite materials.

    Postpress processing

    The process of lamination, cutting, sizing products, creasing, milling and sizing fabrics and others. The modern equipment allows to do it qualitatively and quickly.

    Modeling and design

    A team of experienced and professional designers can develop and prepare design documentation for the implementation of modern advertising projects of any complexity.

    Design and layout

    A team of professional designers in a short time will embody any of your ideas in a vivid visualization and develop layouts for any advertising campaign.

    Installation and delivery of advertising materials

    Projects of any complexity and in any city of the country we carry out own professional assembly crews, including delivery in time or in advance before the start of the action.